Clients testimonials

What my clients say:

“Elektra was a very approachable and warm coach always helping me to find my right direction, guiding me through it whilst allowing myself to direct the outcomes. She was very good at helping me to transition stated issues into goal statements and something that could be worked at. Elektra was also good at allowing me to see different perspectives on matters, suggesting aids throughout the week and sharing material for home use.

Elektra has been an awesome coach that was able to shed different lights on previously grey areas. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Lea Ann W.


“Elektra has helped me to define my goals and to develop realistic strategies to achieve them. She has a calm and affable approach to coaching which I found very easy to engage with. Elektra’s help has actually lead to positive changes in my life and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you for opening my eyes to the possibilities and helping me to see my potential!”

Angela M.


“Elektra is a very genuine person who listens and has a kind ear. I never felt judged and always felt comfortable in her approach. I feel that I have achieved a lot more than I would have without her help.“

Anthony R.


“Elektra is a warm, generous and talented life coach who brings candour and humour to sessions with excellent homework in between. As someone who has lots of big picture plans, with Elektra’s support and expertise I was able to break plans down into realistic achievable goals as well as achieve them. This was all achieved being cognisant of my values and life philosophy.

Having finished my sessions I continue to review my goals remembering what I learnt from Elektra. And it is going well.”

Mary-Anne Y.