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Life Coaching sessions are based on personal conversations with clients that encourage them to explore their world and develop ideas for creating positive change


"What Lies Behind Us and What Lies Before Us are Tiny Matters Compared to What Lies Within Us"

      -Henry Stanley Haskins

Welcome to Quiet Potential!

My name is Elektra and I’m a Life and Wellness Coach.

I’m here to offer you a genuine experience of introducing positive changes in your life. I want to help you to understand the sources of your stress, to learn new techniques, to design goals, to create actions and to put your wellbeing first.

I believe that all of us have amazing potential within, but not all of us realize it or use it. My mission for you is to discover this Quiet Potential within you, tap into it and recognize that you can be and do more in your life. The moment you realize this you cannot go back - you grow, you expand and you evolve.

But to do it you need to slow down for a moment, have a break, a little rest to allow yourself to get your mind out of daily routines, chores, worries and just relax.

The power of break is incredible and I would like you to experience it. Even 5 min out of your “hamster wheel” could be beneficial.

I want you to grow bigger than your fears and excuses and push past your doubts to see the greatness inside you. Your potential lies on the other side of your excuses.

Are you ready for a change? Let me help you!




Who will you have to become to have all that you want in life?

Is what you do now working? Or do you feel stuck in your life?

Do you have well designed strategies to deal with stress and health related issues?


Everyone has the potential to become whatever they want. It takes some time and effort to recognise unconscious self-limiting beliefs and take full responsibility for your life. Your mindset, your perception of the world around you, makes you the person you are. And you are the only person who can change your life. By learning about yourself, understanding yourself more and setting the right goals in life, you have a better chance to make the right choices and to improve and empower yourself in any dimension of your life.


As a life coach, I can help you to:


  • Design your life the way you want by helping you set meaningful goals
  • Raise your standards to become the person you want to be by developing a mindset that fosters growth
  • Achieve your full potential by empowering, motivating and supporting you in your personal development journey
  • Help you to understand and establish ways to better manage your health and stress


Coaching Topics

Developing Growth Mindset


  • Believing that intelligence can be developed and it is not static
  • Desire to learn and to be tested
  • Embracing challenges
  • Persisting despite obstacles
  • Learn from criticism
  • Be inspired by others success

Stress management


  • Relaxation techniques
  • Understanding stress
  • Ways to cope with stress
  • Recognising signs of burnout
  • Understanding mind and body connection
  • Issue of perfectionism



Wellness Coaching


  • Illness-wellness continuum
  • Optimal wellbeing
  • Mental, physical and emotional health
  • Behaviour change
  • Positive psychology

Life Coaching


  • Career coaching
  • Work-life balance
  • Finance coaching
  • Relationship coaching


One on one coaching sessions

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My areas of speciality:

  • Practical stress management
  • Workplace and outside work wellness
  • Holistic wellbeing awareness
  • Expanding possibilities and growing potential
  • NLP techniques (neurolinguistics programming)
  • Mind and body connection
  • Awaking your growth mindset
  • Using the power of rest to your advantage

What my clients say

“Elektra has helped me to define my goals and to develop realistic strategies to achieve them. She has a calm and affable approach to coaching which I found very easy to engage with. Elektra’s help has actually lead to positive changes in my life and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you for opening my eyes to the possibilities and helping me to see my potential!”

Angela M.

“Elektra was a very approachable and warm coach always helping me to find my right direction, guiding me through it whilst allowing myself to direct the outcomes. She was very good at helping me to transition stated issues into goal statements and something that could be worked at. Elektra was also good at allowing me to see different perspectives on matters, suggesting aids throughout the week and sharing material for home use.

Elektra has been an awesome coach that was able to shed different lights on previously grey areas. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Lea Ann W.

“Elektra is a very genuine person who listens and has a kind ear. I never felt judged and always felt comfortable in her approach. I feel that I have achieved a lot more than I would have without her help.“

Anthony R.

What is Quiet Potential?

Quiet Potential is a Life Coaching business owned by Elektra Hajdu

  • Life Coaching
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Stress Management Coaching
  • Growth Mindset Coaching

My Qualifications:

  • Professional Coach ICF (Life Coaching Academy, Australia)
  • 10116NAT Certificate IV in Life Coaching (ICF-International Coach Federation accredited, Life Coaching Academy, Australia)
  • Certificate in Wellness Coaching (Life Coaching Academy, Australia)
  • Stress Coach Certificate: Stress Management Life Coaching
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Psychoneuroimmunology (TECH Technological University)
  • Master of Science in Biotechnology/Molecular Biology

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