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FREE Rest Routine phone application

Why not do yourself a favour and build a great new routine in your life – take deliberate rest.

To help you to establish it I came up with a phone app which is available through Apple and Android Store. Check out my FREE Rest Routine application and give it a go.

(If you prefer extra features and no advertisements you can opt for the paid version of the app – once off payment of US$4.99)

To download the FREE Rest Routine phone app go to the links below:

Link to Android version- here

Link to iOS version- here

The main idea

The main idea behind this app is to allow you to create a positive habit of taking deliberate rest throughout the day.

The routine of taking a rest can assist you with stress relief, boost your productivity, enhance your creative side and promote your holistic wellness.

3 major routines for rest were chosen for this app:

  • music relaxation
  • physical exercise
  • moment of reflection.

Although there are plenty more modes that could create a similar rest effect, these were chosen as they represent 3 major aspects of rest- mental relaxation, physical relief, and mental stimulation.

The Rest Routine phone app is going to help you with creating the habit of rest and also showing you ways how you could spend your break.

Rest reminder

Start building your healthy rest routine by setting up your rest reminder, which will pop the notification on your phone screen at the chosen time.

Then choose your rest mode- music relaxation, physical exercise or a moment of reflection.

Music relaxation mode

When you open the Music screen you will see a collection of music tracks to play. There is a selection of nature sounds or samples of ambient music.

For you to be able to fully relax, you need to disconnect from whatever you do, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, put your headphones on, maybe even close your eyes (if it helps you) and relax into the music. I hope you will find something suitable for you, either a slow and relaxing or an energizing piece (depending on your mood) and get the full benefits of the break. Usually, 5 minutes is enough to mentally escape from the busyness of your day and refresh mentally. Let your mind go free without pushing any ideas, just let it be, a goal here is to relax fully.

Physical exercise

This mode of the app is connected with physical relief. Even 5 min of exercise will give you a much needed break and refresh your body and mind. Choose whatever exercise you like, if it is a walk, a run, jumps or yoga routine. Get up from your desk, stretch and take few deep breaths. Start the timer and enjoy the break.

Moment of reflection

This mode is aimed at mental stimulation, giving you a the time for a moment of self reflection.

A creative break can open your eyes to different possibilities and solutions, thinking out of the square and noticing what others, and you, may have missed before.

Draw a question by pressing a button on the reflection screen and deliberate on it for a moment. What comes to mind? Does it trigger any emotions, thoughts?

The paid version of the app would have the option to type your answer and record it in your archives so you can see how you progress in time. It is very beneficial to actually think about your answer and write it down. It’s usually the beginning of something different, a new thought, new perception, some new possibility. Enjoy the breakthrough!

Rest Routine app use

To create a routine you need to train your mind into it. Be curious and challenge yourself! Use the app as often as possible, as it is a great way to establish this awesome habit of taking deliberate breaks during your day.

Enjoy your next rest time 🙂

I would love to hear from you- please share your experience with the app.

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Thank you!

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  1. This is a great idea! So many do not stop to take a breath and relax for a few. I like the idea of having a reminder. I tend to get up in the morning and then I am on the go all day long. By the time bed time rolls around, I am beat. This is a great way to take a few breaks throughout the day. Wonderful idea!

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